Orlando, FL-based music collective The Black Label (THEBLKLBL) emerges onto the scene with the global release of OPVS, an introductory compilation of the label’s roster of post-millennial artists carrying the torch of previous genre defying, imaginative indie record labels such as Epitaph and Stones Throw to present a soulfully cinematic soundtrack to listeners looking for something more. Featuring label artists XIX, Ciggie Hendrix, and Jay Wallace, OPVS plays as a three-part concert piece, tied together with singular orchestral thread and powerful lyrics that carry forth both substance and a level of artistry that is needed now more than ever in current musical landscape. Packed with 10 soul-stirring tracks, OPVS is intended to put the music industry on notice and prepare listeners for a journey to the stratosphere. With songs that cross over to several formats, the songs of OPVS can easily fit into the mix at urban contemporary, R&B, pop, soul, college radio, and alternative rock stations/shows. Songs like “Journey” and “Armageddon” act as stadium anthems, and while the more personal and introspective “Perspective” and “Tower of Babel” offer a more intimate backdrop, the rock-influenced “Truth” and “Fork in the Road” round out this diverse collection of songs that suits every aspect of the human emotion. The complete track list for OPVS is: ACT I: WAR 1. OVERTURE 2. ARMAGEDDON (2:58) 3. LEVITATE (3:31) 4. TRUTH (4:49) ACT II: AFTERMATH 5. INTERLUDE 6. TOWER OF BABEL (3:25) 7. PERSPECTIVE (3:58) 8. FORK IN THE ROAD (4:19) ACT Ill: TRIUMPH 9. INTERLUDE 10. LONG NIGHTS (3:32) 11. JOURNEY (3:28) 12. FINALE OPVS will be available for streaming and purchase globally through all major digital music providers, such as iTunes, Spotify and Amazon, on April 15, 2015. Limited Edition Box Versions will be available for purchase on The Black Label’s website - http://theblklbl.com. OPVS is the debut worldwide release from The Black Label, with forthcoming singles, videos, albums, and other releases from the label’s roster of artists scheduled to drop throughout the year. In addition to album reviews and song/video coverage, artists are also available for interviews. To experience OPVS and download the full digital press kit here: http://opvs.theblklbl.com/